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Honeymoons: Pick a place and take her


Guys, traditionally it’s your job to hook the bride up with honeymoon wonderfulness.

She wants to go somewhere and have some fun. Your job is to see that she goes there and has it.

It’s pretty simple. Ask her where she wants to go and take her there.

We polled a bunch of regional travel agents to offer her a few suggestions, like these:

– Under $2,000

Mexico is always good. You can grab all-inclusive deal at a resort hotel. It’s easy, it’s relatively inexpensive and it’s pretty much hassle free.

– $2,000-$4,000

If you’re paying attention or have someone who is, you might be able to catch a trip to Europe in his price range, depending on the time of year and the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar compared to the Euro or European currencies.

The Virgin Islands will get you the sunshine you’re looking for. In this price range you can find a cottage for a little extra privacy. The shopping is good and the diving and sailing are great.

Hawaii is always a solid bet and you’re right in the ballpark with this price range. Whale watching is popular, depending on the time of year.

Cruises area little bit of everything. You get to travel from place to place without much of the hassle thinking about it yourself. After planning a wedding, you really don’t want to think much about many more details.

– $4,000 and over

About anywhere you want to go.

A tour of Europe is within reach, Hawaii with a bunch of extra activities added to the package.

Everyone loves a wedding, and weddings love the Rockies more than ever.

Every chamber of commerce in the region produces wedding guides and most of the region’s hotels market to honeymooners.

For good reason. The Web site http://www.costofwedding.com puts the cost of an average ski resort wedding at $42,609. That doesn’t include the honeymoon, rings, a bridal consultant or wedding planner, or lodging for the wedding party.

Honeymoons are good business, and destination weddings are better. Destination weddings, where everyone travels for the nuptials to a seriously cool location like Rocky Mountain ski resorts, are the fastest-growing segment of the bridal market. Sort of combining the wedding and honeymoon into one way-styling vacation.

The numbers don’t lie and the numbers are impressive. By the end of last year, destination wedding comprised 16 percent of couples were choosing to have a destination wedding. That’s a 400 percent increase in the last 10 years.

For destination weddings in the Rockies, 63 percent of the friends and family stay at least three nights.

The average number guests is 180.

In 2005, the Vail Valley hosted 630 weddings, a 15 percent increase over 2004.

So far this year, there have been 423 weddings in the Vail Valley, so it’s trending right along with last year.

“Late summer and early autumn is the time when people come here. The weather is pretty dependable and the leaves are turning. There’s no more beautiful setting on Earth,” Abling said.

Then there’s the price point. Summer is over and the ski season has not yet started, so the cost is completely different than you’d have if come in December or January, the height of the ski season.

“The ironic thing about this is that I do all this and I’m not married,” said Paul Abling, who does the wedding marketing for the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau. “But the whole wedding market is fascinating.”

He went on a raft trip with Alan Braunholtz and rode through the Gore Canyon with a couple honeymooners. They were climbing, rafting and anything else they could think of ” having a great time.

– Sightseeing, night life and restaurants 75 percent

– Beaches and lakes 45 percent

– Casinos 20 percent

– Cruises 15 percent

– Golf/sports 10 percent

– Skiing 5 percent

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