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Horak: Obama falsely accused of trying to weaken America

Greg Horak

The desperate Romney surrogates are attacking the president from every angle – from delusional “birthers,” to propaganda film producers, to flat-out lies from the candidates themselves – with at least a half-dozen “whoppers” coming from Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney at the RNC. Obama is being falsely accused of trying to weaken America, when in fact he pulled America back from the brink of a depression. It’s not Obama’s patriotism that should be questioned – but that of those who seek to replace him. Mitt Romney’s offshore accounts, in concert with others like him cost the U.S. Treasury hundreds of billions of dollars a year annually, on the audit board of the Marriot Corporation, he okayed what amounted to a $70 million dollar fraudulent tax savings – also a huge loss to the coffers of the treasury, and finally with his Swiss bank account – be is betting against America and the dollar! Paul Ryan made a pact, a “blood oath” with 10 or so other Republicans on the eve of Obama’s inauguration to do everything possible to obstruct every law Obama would attempt to pass, to sabotage the economy, to make Obama a one-term president! With millions of Americans out of work, losing their homes and suffering greatly – this type of disgraceful partisanship, not allowing a vote on a Jobs Bill that could’ve added over one million jobs, or on an Anti-Outsourcing Bill crosses the line from party politics – to treason! How could these two men – one who bets against the U.S. failing, and the other who does everything possible to keep our economy faltering, even be considered for the highest office in the land?

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