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Housing for all workers needed

This “housing” assistance sounds familiar. Didn’t we vote (and pass) just last year a similar plan for housing aid for teachers, firemen and local police? How many levels and types of “housing assistance” do we have available now? Do we really need yet another, beyond, our town, county, state, and federal housing assistance, as well as private organizations and foundations that also receive funds by our local taxpayer dollars.

In Summit County, we are very concerned about all groups of workers. We have so many different social services available to both citizens and non-citizens. Social services, charitable organizations, and foundations have become one of Summit County’s more common professions. We are very nearly obsessed with trying to take care of those in need.

Everyone in Summit County is not entitled to own a single-family home. The residents who live and stay in Summit County are innovative, hard working, and lovers of nature. Most of us have two jobs, and someone has to be willing to shovel the snow every morning. Many of us stay because we feel Summit is a little slice of heaven.

I have heard that our schools receive more than 75 applications for each teaching position. And I personally know our schools are staffed with the best teachers in the state.

Our schools are some of the best in the state. This is an exceptional community and has coveted positions in the schools.

Teachers that intend to stay in the Colorado mountains, have the option of purchasing a condo, a modular home, or a single family home they can afford, just as we all do. Yes, it is an investment.

Summit County is a great place to live, and is not suffering the decline of the real estate market that other communities are living with. Those who choose not to risk the investment, or are not sure that they want to stay and shovel snow, have the option of very reasonable condo and home rentals. Our rentals are comparable or less than nearly any city in the U.S.

The land that our school district owns, was purchased with taxpayers dollars for schools. It was not purchased for sweetheart deals to be handed out to an investment banking firm, realtors, a developer, builders and more realtors to produce homes for teachers to purchase or live in.

How many more expensive, needless, “surveys” are we going to pay for, to be told what we already know? We know the cost of living is high here. And every time I return to Summit County, I know that it’s well worth the investment.

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