How could she support Bush? |

How could she support Bush?

Stace Tackaberry Breckenridge

I find letter writer Lynn Fisher’s comments regarding liberals quite confusing (SDN, Oct. 31).Fisher states that “liberals believe that problems can be solved by legal action.”President Bush certainly didn’t hesitate to use his lawyers and the courts to put forward his case following the 2000 election. I reckon filing a lawsuit is OK as long as one agrees with the cause.She further states, “I hope we get to them before they get to us.” It is my opinion that these folks want us out of their backyard. Once we are, I think we will see the last of them over here.Except for the most paranoid, no one could seriously think that these terrorists want to invade our country for the purpose of conquering or taking control of our government.And finally, Fisher opines that “forging ahead” would be “limiting government’s role in (her) daily life,” “letting (her) have (her) freedoms” and “reducing (her) taxes.”Therefore, I am certain that Fisher does not agree with George Bush’s support of the Marriage Amendment as that is most certainly governmental intrusiveness into some people’s lives. Also, I am certain she couldn’t be a supporter of the Bush administration’s introduction of the Patriot Act as, if one gives that a read, it certainly takes away a number of Fisher’s freedoms. And, I would hope, Fisher wouldn’t support the astronomical deficits the Bush administration has created, a great deal of which were a result of reducing her taxes without comparable reductions in spending.The confusing part – how could she possibly vote for someone with whom she has so much disagreement?

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