How not to interpret war images |

How not to interpret war images

Summit County, Colorado

While still engaged in two wars, Americans observe daily images from the front. How should these images be “read”? Are they images of success or defeat? Are there criteria according to which we can more carefully and intelligently learnhow to figure out what’s going on? Using war images from previous wars, we’ll look at how differently we might be able to analyze wars. Presented by Raphael Sassower, Professor, Dept. of Philosophy, UCCS and Director, Center for Legal Studies. Workshop offered by Colorado Mountain College Center for Lifelong Learning at CMC Breckenridge on Friday, April 10, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. To preregister, call CMC at (970) 453-6757 or (970) 468-5989, syn #: 39395. Cost is $10.

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