Hudson: Use intelligence to cut through misinformation |

Hudson: Use intelligence to cut through misinformation

David Hudson, Centennial

It is perplexing to see Americans continue to put their faith in Barack Obama to lead our nation. In 2008, given the circumstances, one could understand the attraction of the nebulous “hope and change” promised by candidate Obama (if one ignored his voting record, background and philosophies).

But four years later, these are the results of the Obama presidency: over 23 million Americans underemployed, national debt skyrocketing to over $140,000/taxpayer, the lowest job market participation since 1981, increased government control of massive portions of the private economy, over 45 million Americans on food stamps – rising at a rate of 400,000/month over the past four years. These are hard facts, not campaign spin. Change, indeed.

Obama gives no indication that his approach to governing would change in a second term, either. “We tried our plan – and it worked”, Mr. Obama proudly said on July 23, 2012! “Forward,” his campaign says – No change in direction, and NO hope.

Because honest assessment of his record would assure defeat, the Obama strategy understandably is to tear down the opponent. Mr. Romney, by all factual accounts, is a successful, caring man whose skill set, experience and accomplishments vastly exceed those of Obama, so the last resort is to create a fictional Romney “straw man” who would would roll Granny off the cliff in a wheelchair and who enjoys letting cancer patients die.

Please folks, if you plan to vote in November, use your intelligence to cut through the misinformation spewing from the Democrat campaign machinery, try to look past the clever wording and so-called “eloquence,” and examine the facts. Barack Obama and his party have set this country on a perilous path, and Obama intends to continue his “fundamental transformation” of our nation. We cannot afford another four years.

David Hudson, Centennial