Humans should not be sacrificing animals to the almighty profit motive |

Humans should not be sacrificing animals to the almighty profit motive

Kudos to letter-writer Marc R. Jurnove for calling to mind the pressing need for national humane standards with regard to the care of farmed animals, and for animals used as laboratory experiments.

I think most people would agree that it is simply wrong to tolerate, or accept, the unnecessary mistreatment of animals.

Economic interests would have us overlook the suffering however, and when left to their own designs, are notorious for mistreating animals of any species.

Profit is a strong motivator, but there must always be limits as to what is sacrificed in its name.

A civilized society should aspire to ethics and morals that transcend monetary considerations, especially with regard to the fate of other living beings over whom we claim dominion.

The fact we can physically dominate these animals does not give us the right to abuse them and makes worse our indifference and inaction when we allow others to do so. Yet sadly, there are instances of gruesome mistreatment of farmed and laboratory animals occurring all the time.

That’s something none of us should want, or be proud of, and that’s why it’s important to have national standards for the humane care of farmed and laboratory animals that surpass the ineffective, and often ignored, ones in place today.

Please, let your elected officials hear from you. There is hope that progress is slowly being made, but more people need to speak up on the issue. Please do.

Ed Billeaud


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