Hunter Education class set for Sept. 16 |

Hunter Education class set for Sept. 16

We are offering the Internet-home study class starting on Thursday, Sept. 16, with the second meeting, test and live fire portion on Sept. 30.

To attend, come on the first evening by 6:30 to the Loveland Room at the Summit County Community and Senior Center. Registration is on Sept. 16, the fee for the class is $16 and the class should last until 9:30.

Details of this and other classes are online at the Colorado Division of Wildlife. There is no minimum age for the class, all hunters born on or after Jan. 1 1949, are required to have a hunter-education card. The state of Colorado honors cards from other states.

Parents are invited to stay with family members, especially younger students under 12. Since there is a live (shooting) portion, anyone who can not be in possession of a firearm cannot attend.

Any questions, call Dr. Greg Jungman at (970) 468-6139.

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