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Hyland: Woman’s right to choose

Maureen Hyland

Re. “Diffuse issue by practicing birth control,” by Chuck Abrams, letters, Sept. 14

Regarding Chuck Abrams’ letter about using “birth control” instead of abortion, it seems this man is unaware that birth control methods can and DO fail. For example, even an IUD is not 100 percent effective, and an IUD (intra-uterine device) is not something you can remove and forget to put in before sex. Other methods often fail as well.

Therefore, abortion is not necessarily their “most-favored form of birth control”. I doubt there are many women who favor having an abortion to end an unwanted pregnancy. Most women use birth control because they do not wish to have a baby. However, when it fails, they choose to end the pregnancy rather than have an unwanted child that they were trying not to conceive in the first place!

Often, some men behave as though they think birth control is a woman’s responsibility. Well, as another writer mentioned, it takes two to tango, so step up, men, and use a condom (or two), or get a vasectomy, if you don’t want to father a child. Some abortions may occur due to lack of paternal responsibility. Women may not wish to raise a(nother) child alone.

It is a matter of choice, so leave Roe v Wade alone. Have all the babies you want and leave others to do as they choose in this very personal matter.

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