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‘I really wanted to like it’

Perhaps it’s wholly inappropriate, but the best reason I can come up with for not liking “The Forgotten” is football.I don’t mean that in a logical way, like I might’ve been better off with the Southern Cal-Stanford shootout I missed while I was taking in “The Forgotten” at the Mall 3 in Glenwood Springs. In fact, I really wanted to like it, and after the movie, I tried to retrace its steps to the moment it went comically wrong in an effort for damage control.

I mean – and this is where the inappropriateness comes in – a movie that’s half supernatural/sci-fi thriller and half cuddly family flick reminded me of nothing so much as a field goal that falls inches short as time expires: just a few inches short, but way off nonetheless.”The Forgotten” probably seemed like a good idea at the time, and in fact, it has a promising beginning: lots of creepy atmosphere, the suggestion of lots of stuff going on behind the scenes.

Instead, the final result resembles M. Night Shyamalan for dummies, a touchy-feely “X Files” for the Lifetime Network. If we pulled the same revisionist history trick central to “The Forgotten,” and all of a sudden nobody remembered that Moore was in “The Hours” and “Far From Heaven,” it might be a direct-to-Lifetime release for the network to sandwich between “Not Without My Daughter” marathons. The rest of the “oh-that’s-that-guy!” cast might feel right at home.Moore – the stand-in Clarisse Starling for the “Silence of the Lambs” sequel – wasn’t the original choice to star as Telly Paretta (which I think must be an anagram, hopefully for something that will make “The Forgotten” have a point), according to the Internet Movie Database; it was supposed to be Nicole Kidman. In a way, that seems appropriate, because “The Forgotten” feels like a stand-in for the good movie it maybe could have been.

Dan Thomas is a copy editor at the Glenwood Springs Post Independent and the former arts and entertainment editor for the Summit Daily News.

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