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"I Spy’: This time, Murphy and Wilson should’ve stuck to standup

During the first 20 minutes of “I Spy,” the only mantra in my mind was, “This is stupid. This is stupid.” Then Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy launched into their comedic ramblings and broke the downward spiral.

The basic plot – bumbling, but ultimately successful spy works with arrogant professional boxer to save an invisible plane from falling into the hands of evildoers – tried to create interest in a series of twists and turns at the end, but it was too little too late.

The movie, named after the mid-1960s television series starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby, missed opportunities to appeal to a nostalgic generation by not including insider jokes and undershot the target for a larger audience simply by its sheer lack of substance.

The only interest, and reason to see the film, lies in the chemistry of the two likeable comedians. Wilson’s adorable “aw, shucks” demeanor plays brilliantly off of Murphy’s arrogant, high-strung antics.

However, the movie would have been just as funny – maybe even more so – had each character dubbed his hysterical commentary and visual gags over an old James Bond movie.

I laughed at the longer dialogues between the quirky pair and chuckled at a couple of one-liners, but in the end none of the scenes were powerful or hysterical enough for me to replay them in my mind once I left the theater.

“I Spy” is good for a few laughs, but if you don’t like Murphy or Wilson, don’t bother with the movie, seeing they’re the only assets that give it a leg on which to stand.

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