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Ian Quandt: Don’t blame Israel

Ian Quandt
Breckenridge, CO Colorado

For the past several decades, Israel, through no fault of its own, has been the target of all of its neighbors. The Six Day War and the Lebanese wars are examples of this. When the Muslim world realized that it could not oust Israel by wars, terrorist organizations developed, including Hezbollah and, more recently, Hamas. Israel has been defending its people from attacks by organizations like this since the beginning of the country and, quite frankly, the country is growing tired of it. Every time the war ends another begins. As soon as one organization is defeated, another springs up in its place. This string of terrorist organizations that control territory that should be Israel’s has severely tried the patience of Israel’s leaders. They are tired of the rockets, tired of the suicide bombers, and tired of their people dying. Hamas may have only killed a few people during the last assault, but it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s not Israel’s fault that Hamas chooses to hide among its own people and refuses to come out into the open like any self-respecting government would. So how can we blame Israel?

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