Ice keeps boats off Dillon Reservoir |

Ice keeps boats off Dillon Reservoir

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SUMMIT COUNTY ” Cooler temperatures have allowed ice to remain on Dillon Reservoir ” in places as thick as 8 inches ” and will prevent Dillon Marina from launching or renting any boats over Memorial Day weekend.

“Meanwhile, back at Dutch Harbor we were fighting the ice flow,” joked Bob Evans, CMM, Dillon Marina Manager, in reference to the TV show “Deadliest Catch” while thrusting a red oar through the ice surrounding the docks.

“The ice is shifting out. If you hit one of these (large chunks of ice) going 25-30 mph, you’re toast. You’re going down like the Titantic,” Evans said.

In Frisco, the docks sit high and dry, as the current level of the reservoir is too low to float them. The reservoir is low because of the snowpack, which as of May 1 was 162 percent of average, hasn’t melted much yet, said Frisco Bay Marina manager Phil Hofer. Denver Water has also released water from the reservoir to make space for the upcoming melt-off.

More importantly, the staff of both marinas will attend a training session on May 27 to learn how to inspect for zebra mussels.

The mussels can wipe out an aquatic ecosystem from the bottom up. They feed by filtering tiny organisms out of the water, including single-celled plankton that forms the basis of the food chain in Summit County’s lakes and streams.

They generally attach themselves to boat hulls and the larvae can also persist in bilge and ballast water.

Both marinas will be open for inspection on May 28, but will not be launching or renting boats for at least a week after.

Bob Berwyn contributed to the reporting of this story.

Inflow (cubic feet per second): 1,295

Outflow (cfs): 787

Elevation (feet): 9,004.74

Full Elevation (feet): 9,017

Storage (acre feet): 217,050

Storage Capacity (acre feet): 254,036

Statistics courtesy Denver Water

Where: Frisco Bay Marina Island Grill

When: 12-3 p.m. snow or shine

What: Free hotdogs and hamburgers, beer and non-alcoholic drinks

Live Entertainment: Phil Jensen (beach-type music)

The Dillon Marina Tiki Bar will also be open.

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