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If 30 percent of you like this column, I guess I’m doing OK

RICH MAYFIELDspecial to the daily
Rich Mayfield

Most of the recent polls indicate that President Bush’s standing is, well, falling. His approval numbers are hovering in the low 30 percent range which means, of course, that disapproval of the Bush presidency is at a point that few other presidents ever managed to achieve.If, like the recent gathering of Secretaries of State in the Oval Office, I, too, was granted 13 seconds to share my opinion before we were all rushed out for the photo-op, I would, very, very quickly, let the president know that numbers like his shouldn’t be all that discouraging. Humbly, I would advise him that even such a man as I have experienced the kind of discouragement that must now haunt the White House.On numerous occasions, I have been subjected to terrible polls that indicated those voting had virtually no confidence in my decision-making ability. For years, I was denied the television remote by all three of my children who unanimously agreed that I was incapable of providing effective leadership when it came to choosing the right channel for our family’s nightly viewing.

Indeed, a similar absence of confidence could be found in the opinions of both my daughters when it came to my acuity in assessing the intentions of young men who arrived at the door sporting fancy convertibles and lascivious looks.No, Mr. President, you are not alone. I, too, have been denied the pleasure of receiving deserved accolades by an ungrateful audience. Countless times, my concentrated efforts to motivate have been met with a deafening silence. Knowing, as we both do, what is best for others has not been enough to rally the masses into collective affirmation. I can’t understand it either.Like you, I am a preacher and as such, we must be prepared to bear the brunt of those who fail to understand the rightness of our reasoning. For you, this apparently means an absolutely terrible downturn in your current popularity with ominous indications of a truly disastrous legacy. For me, it’s a few empty pews and one or two threats to transfer to the Presbyterians. I feel your pain.

Remember, percentages aren’t everything. Once I received very close to 60 percent on a High School algebra test and was shocked to discover that such significant numbers were not enough to please the curmudgeonly creep of a teacher who had the audacity to fail me anyway. I suspect your wife, like mine, is incredibly supportive during these difficult times. If she is anything at all like my beloved spouse, I am sure she stands behind you 43-47 percent with a margin for error of 5 percent, plus or minus.Please don’t let these terrible indicators get you down. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, or term, whatever. What matters is how you stand up to adversity. We all well remember your gallant appearance on the aircraft carrier three years ago when you boldly declared our “Mission Accomplished”. So what if you were off by a decade or two? You looked really cool in that flight suit. Impressions are important. Sadly there are some in our country who pay way too much attention to actual results.

I’ve noticed you rearranged the chairs around the Office. This, too, can be an effective way of responding to the current malaise that has gripped our nation and put 67-70 percent of the citizenry into a funk. If only 10-15 percent of those disheartened folk notice the alterations, you are well on the way to gaining the support of nearly a third of the American people. Think of it in terms we both can understand. If this were baseball, you’d be batting in the .300s! Forget all those strikeouts and errors! You’re headed to the Hall of Fame!So keep your chin up, your jaw set, your eyes filled with that look of steely determination you do so well. Never admit defeat. Indeed, never admit to anything. Blame others. Accuse the rest. Of course, I don’t know why I’m telling you this. Who knows better than you? 1/250,000,000th of the population can’t be wrong! Rich Mayfield writes a Saturday column. Visit his website at http://www.christianagnostic.com.

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