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If Home Depot is an ‘Answer to Your Prayer,’ then God help you

Tom Elvin, Frisco

By listening to the misleading ads concerning the support of a Home Depot coming to Frisco, you would think the town is in economically desperate straits and kids are playing in the street. The idea of bringing a big box, any big box as it began, was not about building ballfields and bringing CMC to town. It was merely about money for the town of Frisco. I just read the 2005 Frisco Town Budget and can you imagine there is over $13 million dollars in fund balances. We live in a town of less than 1 square mile and yet we have over 50 full-time employees. We have many salaries that will include a 35 percent benefit package that are more than $100,000 a year in annual compensation. The town has lots of new vehicles. The new money is about the growth of small town government. Do you realize that the town collects more than $1 million a year just in real estate transfer taxes, and that this number is growing rapidly? Hey, town of Frisco, how about earning some extra money by ticketing speeders on Summit Boulevard, or ticketing people running red lights or not stopping for pedestrians? The introduction to the town annual budget council mission statement states: “To preserve a family-oriented and economically vibrant mountain community that thrives on citizen involvement, respects our natural environment and enhances our quality of life.” If they truly believe this, would they be building a big box store that harms local business, takes money out of the community, causes horrendous traffic problems, and adds shoplifting arrests and hundreds of asphalt parking spaces.I urge you to vote “No” in the election.

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