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If you don’t vote, don’t whine

In reference to Rick Gustafson’s letter Feb. 21: Does Mr. Gustafson really believe that all the people that could of voted but didn’t would have voted for John Kerry?That’s why we have elections, so we can vote, not be a silent protesters. If you believe your candidate offers the best programs, you don’t standby and silently protest, you vote, and if you don’t vote, don’t whine about the results.The Bush administration has never said that there was any connection between Iraq and 9/11. It was the consensus of the world’s leading intelligence agencies (England, France, Israel, Russia, United Nations and the United States) and confirmed by the bipartisan 9/11 Commission, that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD) at the time of 9/11.It was also known that Iraq supported terrorist organizations such as Hammas and Islamic Jihad in the suicide bombings of Israel. What would make any rational thinking human being not consider that Iraq would not think about sharing their WMD with terrorist organizations that hated the U.S.A. more than they did? Did we need another 9/11?CU professor Ward Churchill has the right to say anything he chooses, and I support that right. He does not have the right to do it on my nickel. As a taxpaying citizen of Colorado, I am happy that our governor who was elected to protect taxpayer interests, sees it that way, also.If some private institution chooses to engage Mr. Churchill and his $100,000 salary, so be it. Just don’t ask me and other taxpaying citizens to pick up the tab.

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