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I’m sorry it’s over, but I won’t miss the orange

ANDREW GMEREKspecial to the daily

I admit it. Watching the game was painful. It was like having a root canal done by a 3-year-old with a pair of plastic pliers. But now that it’s over and the team has lost, well, I have to admit that I’m not all that crushed.Sure, I felt the let down that comes with an interrupted post season. Yes, watching the Steelers win left me with confusion about who to cheer for on Super Bowl Sunday and whether watching the game at all would bring me any kind of joy. But deep inside, now that it’s over, I’m relieved.The real reason why I’m glad the season is over is because I was kind of disturbed by the insane attention being paid to the whole thing. As if the world would simply stop if the Broncos lost.Of course, I didn’t mind that football consumed the minds and hearts of Denver sports fans for weeks, but I did object that it was the lead story in every television news program I watched for days.While millions of people were freezing to death in other parts of the world because their homes were flattened by a major earthquake, our local stations ran five-to-ten minute tidbits on the strife caused because one household in Colorado housed both a Steelers and a Broncos fan. They even spent what appeared to be a minute or more on what the dog felt about this terrible situation.Hey, my Mom has been a fan of the Steelers since before I was born, and no one has ever done a story on all the psychological damage this problem caused in my formative years.The other thing I’m not missing at all is the orange. Let’s face it folks, orange pretty much clashes with every color under the sun, and I understand this even though I’m not a snappy dresser. Maybe that’s why work crews wear orange vests when out toiling, and they do this even at night. And that’s also the reason those summer-time cones we all love to hate come in just one color, which just so happens to be bright, Broncos orange.It always surprises me that here in Colorado, in a place as calm as this, our local football team doesn’t sport more of a Summit County style. Maybe the uniforms could be changed to khaki and beige, or bone and brown. Then the guys could go out after the game and enjoy a nice dinner without drawing attention to themselves.Now normally, being a fan and all, I would have kept my mouth shut and just let this whole thing go without writing a word, but the collective weeping of the state is beginning to wear on my nerves. Here we sit in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and trust me I’ve been around to most everywhere, and this is a nice spot to settle down, and everyone is still depressed by that game.Get over it already. I’m sure our Broncos are more than happy. After all, their paychecks are still hefty no matter what happens, so I doubt they’re spending the off-season moping.Andrew Gmerek writes a Friday column. He can be reached at agmerek@hotmail.com.

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