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I’m used to Dick Cheney being a thug, but I don’t like it


I’ve grown almost accustomed to Vice President Dick Cheney’s condescending stare. I’ve become accepting of the brow beatings, the pursed lips and the contempt he shows for anyone that is in disagreement with him, from members of the Democratic Party to voters who view him as a threat.And I’ve even come to grips with the complete contempt he has for members of the press who ask any questions more probing than what he had for breakfast?After four years, I might have become numb to his thuggish behavior, but I will never condone it.Any one of these just mentioned traits would cause me to believe that Cheney is nothing but the quintessential grade-school bully, stomping his way through American politics without regard for anyone but himself. But Cheney’s disregard for others, especially in two recent incidents, has caused me to think more highly of our vice president.I now consider him a top-notch thug.

The first incident revolved around Cheney’s public treatment of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) on the Senate floor. During the annual Senate class photography session this past June – normally a nonpartisan, pleasant gathering – Leahy went over to shake Cheney’s hand. Supposedly still smarting from allegations raised by the Democrats that he was in the pocket of Halliburton, not only did the vice president refuse the offered hand, but after a brief exchange, he dropped the F-word on Leahy.I’ve never been one to believe that everyone working in the same government would get along without strife, and there is nothing I like better than when politicians, through witty repartee, sling barbs at each other. But, as my father used to say, profanity is the language of the small minded, and in this case, I have to agree.Cheney, by the way, has yet to apologize to Leahy, and it appears that no one in the Bush administration has the grapefruits to make him do it.

The behavior I find the most appalling, however, revolves around Cheney standing on the front line when it comes to using fear to win votes in the current presidential election.In a recent campaign speech Cheney stated that by electing John Kerry to the White House, the American people would be inviting another terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11.Did I miss something? Wasn’t it Bush and Cheney at the helm of our country when the World Trade Centers fell? Their presence in power didn’t seem to stop terrorist before, and it hasn’t calmed things down a whole lot since.Could it be that terrorists don’t give a hoot who is running America? Could it be that terrorists are simply animals spending their lives on this earth planning the death of as many men, women and children as are possible without regard to who is in charge of our country?

After all, these people have no problem blowing themselves up, so I don’t seriously believe they care who is out to get them.So to use this fear, and to imply that a Democratic leader would do anything else except attempt to protect the American people to the best of his ability is wrong. I consider it a thug tactic. In some strange way, America has become the kid on the playground who is protected from the other kids by the bully, but in return the kid must pay the price of the bully’s wrath.And that means that it’s time to implement a zero tolerance policy for our government and, in particular, for the guys in the White House. Andrew Gmerek writes a Friday column. He can be reached at agmerek@hotmail.com.

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