Immigration is an American ideal |

Immigration is an American ideal


The Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and the American Constitution were all written by men whose family lineage can be traced back to immigrants. As well, every American president, senator, and congressional Representative has been a woman or man whom can trace back her or his family’s arrival to this land as immigrants. To deny this fact or to enact qualifications that define one immigrant’s origins as more suitable than another, is to commit treason against one of the bedrock ideals on which this nation was created. The free movement of people is an inalienable right for all human beings and is a necessary cornerstone in the foundation from which democracy and open markets are built upon. The fact of the matter is the following: America is a nation founded by immigrants, built by immigrants, and maintained by immigrants. Furthermore, if this tradition is adjusted, muted, or otherwise tampered with, America will lose its ability to compete at its current level in the world market, while also besmirching its reputation as a purveyor of freedom around the globe.Immigration is not a problem, it is a solution. The industrial age for developed nations is over and the dawn of the technological age is already past; if America is to continue as a leader on the world stage, she must find a way to persuade and encourage her citizens to once again roll up their sleeves, leave manufacturing jobs and begin constructing a new kind of technologically advanced infrastructure by utilizing savings and investment, education, and the American entrepreneurial spirit. American citizens need to embrace computer programming and other technologically based languages as the fourth “r” as it were (reading, writing, and arithmetic being the other three). As traditional literacy rates are a benchmark attesting to the health of a developing nation, computer literacy rates should act as a benchmark for developed nations. Immigration is not only a motivator for established citizens to break the chains of the status quo, but it is also an opportunity to increase the consumption element of this nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP); for every new immigrant is a new consumer. Rather than ranchers seeing immigrants as enemies to be shot down, they should see them as dollar signs as they melt into the American landscape, get jobs and purchase the very beef the ranchers are trying so hard to protect and sell on the open market. America is most certainly not the land of “whoever was here first.” If that was the case, this continent would still be divided up into the multitude of old-school tribal nations that existed here long before the Jamestown settlement. No, America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and if a fellow human being is free enough to dream of making a better life for herself or himself and brave enough to cross a desert or sit inside a cargo container for three weeks, than I say America is the place for them.

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