Immigration series introduction and schedule |

Immigration series introduction and schedule

America, we often remind ourselves, is a nation of immigrants. And Colorado, as much as any other state, was mostly settled by newcomers to the U.S. as well as those from other parts of the country.Immigration is a hot-button topic, an emotional touchstone for left, right and center right now. From the capitol building in Denver to the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C. and in a number of other states, legislation is pending to address problems related to illegal immigration. Think tanks, coalitions, committees, task forces and others are applying plenty of brain power, research, statistics and opinion to the discussion – and there’s no shortage of raw emotion that’s part of it as well. The schedule for the series follows:MondaySurge from the south: A look at the rise in illegal immigration and a range of opinions that exist on how to deal with the problemTuesdayImmigrants fill a critical niche: Legal or unauthorized, some Colorado employers say they couldn’t do without the cheap labor that comes with immigrants.WednesdayCost of illegal immigration: The influx of unauthorized migrants contributes to existing social problems, but it’s not easy to say exactly how great the impacts are.ThursdayColorado’s legacy of immigration: The state has a rich Hispanic heritage, but newcomers – especially those here illegally – can be greeted with a great deal of suspicion.FridayThe Mexican dream: Two different illegal immigrants in Colorado talk about why they’re here and what it’s like to be a stranger in a strange and sometimes unwelcome land.SaturdayThe nativists: Politicians and activists who think illegal immigration is ruining the state and the country have a simple message: Get legal or get out.SundayFamily matters: With families split between Colorado and Mexico, and in many cases children becoming citizens by birth while their parents remain in the country illegally, family concerns can be at the root of immigration issues.MondayLegislating solutions: From guest worker programs to stringent crack-downs at the border, will legislation related to illegal immigration help the situation or make it worse?

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