In CDOT’s world of perfection, how can snowplow drivers be unhappy about their jobs |

In CDOT’s world of perfection, how can snowplow drivers be unhappy about their jobs

Jim Wheeler - Frisco

Question: If you were going to build a home and were looking for a good general contractor, would you consider hiring a career politician?

I’ll bet not. So who is the big mama-juga at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)? None other than ole Tom Norton, big buddy of Gov. Asphalt Bill Owens and career politician extraordinaire.

And now he is mad because some of his snowplow drivers dared to criticize the way things were being run at CDOT. How could they? How dare they? You can’t criticize perfection. CDOT has never been wrong about anything.

It has been designed to be the perfect retirement home for career politicians – and the rest of us who pay their salaries can just be damned.

If you don’t believe me, just carefully read Mr. Norton’s letter to the editor in the Jan. 10 edition (available online at

He said, “CDOT’s policy was not changed, but rather management is being more watchful to ensure we’re making the best use of public funds.”

Tom, that is a change. And by your own admission, you are also saying that in the past you didn’t ensure you were making the best use of our money.

He also said, “We’ve spent more money so far this year on overtime than we did during the same period last year.”

Mr. Norton, that is a factor of Mother Nature and the snow she delivers and has nothing to do with your policies. Please don’t think we are that dumb. It is unbecoming, even for a politician.

Then you try to make us believe that this uprising is coming from just a few disgruntled plow drivers in Summit County.

Because they are the only ones who have spoken out, you want us to assume all the others are happy as little clams.

Silence is often a direct result of fear. I sure don’t see many of your employees coming to your defense.

The worst part of this is that if there were truly a problem across the board, you would never admit it. You can’t. CDOT is never wrong. Thus the problem will never get corrected.

So, you keep up the good work. Spend our money for billboards to promote magnesium chloride. Badmouth your employees because they dare to speak out.

Count your days and dollars until retirement. Even come up to Summit County (that’s west of Denver about 70 miles) and spend a day riding with one of our plow drivers.

One other thing you can and should do is fire whoever wrote that letter to the editor for you.

You ended up looking really bad. As far as your plow drivers go, consider your own advice – “Give “em a break.”

Jim Wheeler


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