In defense of Jim Stover |

In defense of Jim Stover

In this newspaper, the day before the election, on the opinion page there was a letter from Sen. Hollis French of Anchorage, Alaska.The honorable senator, no doubt related to County Commissioner Bob French, came out ranting against the Summit Daily News, because of the paper’s endorsement of Jim Stover over Bob French for county commissioner in District 1. The honorable senator suggested that Jim Stover’s tenure on the Breckenridge Sanitation District board, which has close dealings with water and other important land use considerations here in the Blue River Valley, is somehow inferior to Bob French’s Harvard education and land law practice. “Are you kidding?” ranted the senator who went on to wonder how the paper even could think of endorsing Stover over French when comparing the achievements of the two. This is what I have to say about that. This national presidential election ended up with a grassroots conservative onslaught at the polls by the sole proprietors, the small business owners, small farmers, ranchers and those people who work for these small business owners, which represent a full 70 percent of the taxpayers in this country.I’m talking about those folks who live in the heartland, and the other “red states,” which includes Colorado. This is the huge portion of the country that the “blue state” coastal dwellers call “the fly-over states.”Within this huge expanse of country resides the vast silent majority, the decent common folk, those nonassuming, God-fearing, seldom- make-waves folks who work every day by putting their bodies on the line. They roll up their sleeves and get the job done, folks like Stover.Yet most live from paycheck to paycheck. This is the “real” middle class majority to whom the issues of morality, traditional values, sane taxing and government accessibility and accountability are paramount, and they don’t cotton much to being condescended to.These are the folks that thwarted at the polls this very elitist attitude overtly demonstrated by the honorable senator in his letter to the editor.There are several items of accountability that went mute prior to the election that the then appointed but now elected County Commissioner French needs to address, with regard to land and water use shenanigans in the area of the upper Snake River during his period of appointment.Elstwise, this ol’ third generation Colorado farm boy ain’t a-trustin’ French any further than he can throw him.

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