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"In God we Trust’ shows depths to which idiotic, self-serving politicians can stoop

While on a brief visit to your lovely area, I picked up a copy of your newspaper and was pleasantly surprised to see it included some lively reporting and discussion. This is unlike most of the free advertising sheets available in resort locations.

Columnist Andrew Gmerek’s Feb. 28 piece confirmed my fear of the dangers of mixing religion and politics. That the Colorado House of Representatives would pass a law (HB 1128) requiring public buildings to post donated plaques bearing the totally hypocritical statement, “In God we Trust” shows the depths to which idiotic and self-serving politicians can stoop.

That it happened in Colorado, which I always admired as a generally open-minded and advanced society, demonstrates the folly of following the religious right. And the Colorado House didn’t even have the decency to define or otherwise describe the God in which they trust. Which one are they talking about?

I agree wholeheartedly with Gmerek’s conclusions. If religious organizations, many of which are operated as businesses, want to play the political game, then they should be taxed.

It is ironic that three people presently prominent on the world stage never cease invoking God when when carrying out their actions: Saddam, Osama and George W.

Poor God! What is she supposed to do? How can we trust her to do the right thing? Could it be that having armed forces with overwhelming power might influence her decision? I certainly hope so.

I hope that should the religious bigots ever persuade the politicians to post the Ten Commandments in public places, they will leave out that one about “Thou shall not kill.”

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