Interior color and finish trends in the 2010 Parade of Homes |

Interior color and finish trends in the 2010 Parade of Homes

Daily News staff report

Pantone has deemed turquoise “color of the year” for apparel and home for 2010. Turquoise has made its mark on the fashion side and is slowly moving into home furnishings.

Botanical palettes that reflect consumers’ commitment to preserving the environment consist of soft greens and yellows, chalky whites and aqua as an accent color. There is a shift away from sage and olive greens toward more of a leaf green.

Colors that deal with the African continent, including soft green, smoke blue, sand, mauve, lemon and copper work well with accent pieces in a room, like African statuary or Middle Eastern rugs. These motifs tie into the sustainable “earth friendly” movement. Motifs that reflect this trend are batiks, paisleys and ikat.

Lavenders and purples are popular for bigger spaces. Lavenders can be combined with deep purple or mauve, pink, bluish- gray and beige. The result is a room both sophisticated and soothing to the senses.

Brights are taking their cue from nature. “Flower colors” such as orchids, vibrant greens and buttercup yellows are being seen.

Gray is emerging as the new neutral.

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Geometric forms have softened edges and rounded corners with a movement to organic, fluid shapes.

Pattern scale continues to be popular. By taking a portion of a motif and blowing up the scale makes a design look less formal and makes classic patterns look fresh yet innately comfortable.

Consumers are still looking for comfort and stability in design. This includes nature themes as well as touches of Americana, such as green markets, farmland and even quilting.