Invasion of Iraq erodes fundamental U.S. morality |

Invasion of Iraq erodes fundamental U.S. morality

The invasion of Iraq by my country is not only illegal, it is immoral. It also is contrary to the ideals upon which we base our entire system of government.

The foundation of our country is that “All men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights S”

This is the universal moral foundation for everything that came after it. We claim this ideal not only for ourselves but for all humanity.

We today find our government in the position of eroding this foundation.

We not only fabricate evidence in contradiction to the facts (remember “Iraq is building nuclear weapons”?) but we also encourage misleading assumptions (“This is payback for 9-11”).

In our quest to have this illegal invasion validated, we claim the support of 49 countries.

When have we ever given credence to the ideas and goals of countries such as Bulgaria, Eritrea, Iceland, Palau and Tonga? We pathetically count the support of the Solomon Islands even though that country has officially withdrawn it’s support for the “coalition.” In fact, many of our coalition partners have only offered humanitarian aid after the hostilities.

The truth is a far cry from the public misrepresentations by the leaders of this country.

The headlines of the March 30 Denver Post scream of the “Terrorist Tactics” of Iraqis in using a car bomb. We are further informed that the U.S. will punish those using such terrorist tactics. Consider the terms “Shock and Awe,” then look up the definition of terrorism.

What is more terrifying, a 21,000 pound bomb or a car bomb? Consider that our MOAB bomb was used near civilians. Are we to believe that our soldiers are terrified? I think not. One day we celebrate Mel Gibson’s portrayal of the movie “Patriot” and unconventional warfare, then pillory those irregular troops of the enemy for not fighting fair. We published the original book on unconventional warfare in 1776. The Vietnamese and now the Iraqis are simply adding their own chapters.

In this delusion of righteousness, we are ostensibly invading in order to force compliance with U.N. resolutions while we feel free to ignore U.N. resolutions. Colin Powell visits the Palestinians and tells them that violence is not the way to solve your differences.

Truth is once again the first casualty of war. The second casualty is appearing to be the solidarity of the military and an arrogant and intransigent civilian administration. In the days to come, will we begin bombing “The Damascus Trail” a la the Ho Chi Minh Trail of 35 years ago?

What is next? How many more years will the U.S be running Iraq after our delayed but inevitable win? How many more billions of dollars will you and I spend before we finally leave the area? These are the questions that we, as citizens of the type of democracy we hope to install in Iraq, must ask.

Where are the answers?

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