Iraq is still better off than before |

Iraq is still better off than before

I agree that much of what is occurring in the world today is outrageous. However, the more I learn, the more I realize that the condition of the Iraqi people was far worse before coalition force intervention.Thank you for the Summit Daily article on Nov. 18 about Marine Lance Cpl. Justin M. Ellsworth. It was encouraging to see that you included Justin’s remarks that the Iraqis were glad that the Marines were there.The Rocky Mountain News ran an article on Nov. 11 entitled “Everyday life in Iraq improving bit by bit.”The two Iraqi men interviewed were lawyer Ali Ramadan and physician Hayder Abdulkarim. The men expressed their shock with the “one-sided” nature of America’s media reporting on the conditions in Iraq.They told of families who watched as their loved ones were executed and were later billed for the price of the executioner’s bullets.People fortunate enough to escape execution were often branded on their foreheads as enemies of the state or had their ear cut off as an example to others who might disagree with Saddam.They spoke of astounding reforms to Iraq’s educational system. Iraqi teachers have been brought to the U.S. to be trained, and some Iraqi children have even sewn American flags onto their book bags as an expression of appreciation. The health care improvements speak volumes about progress. Doctors, nurses and other medical care providers are now paid 100 to 300 times more than they were under the old system. Many, many new hospitals and clinics have been built. The men explained that the majority of Iraqis hate the terrorists. They are grateful that the coalition forces have helped to rid their country of these murderers. The question we should be asking ourselves is: “Why do we not hear the whole truth?”The beheadings shock and sadden every American. Anyone who would shoot a woman in the head after she has served the Iraqi people so sacrificially for more than a decade has no regard for human life.Margaret Hassan, married to an Iraqi man, lived there for 30 years. In her lifetime, she touched the lives of millions of Iraqi people in her relentless endeavor to free them from poverty and oppression. While running C.A.R.E. International’s operations in Iraq, the children held a special place in Mrs. Hassan’s heart, and she worked tirelessly to improve their lives.The same men who brutally killed Mrs. Hassan will gladly bring that same hatred for the “infidels” to our land again if given the chance.I am grateful that our country and our military are willing to work selflessly for our freedom as well as that of the Iraqi people. Thank you Marine Lance Spl. Justin M. Ellsworth. You made the ultimate sacrifice.

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