Iraq resolution opposes sending more troops to Iraq |

Iraq resolution opposes sending more troops to Iraq

DENVER – State senators will be asked to approve a resolution that objects to President Bush’s decision to send more troops Iraq but expresses support for military personnel.A revised draft of the resolution provided to The Associated Press Wednesday says the war has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, hurting efforts to bring peace and democracy to the country.The sponsors, Democratic Sens. Ron Tupa of Boulder and Ken Gordon of Denver, were expected to introduce the measure later Wednesday.Tupa and Gordon deleted language from an earlier draft that said the war has weakened the United States economically and militarily and has helped the recruitment of terrorists.They also deleted a series of statements about the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and about persistent sectarian violence.Republican Sen. Mike Kopp, a Gulf War veteran, had said the original draft could hurt the morale of troops by criticizing their mission, prompting him to work on a resolution of his own that would express support for military personnel.The new draft preserves language from the original that honors military bravery.It also urges Congress and Bush to respect the patriotism of all Americans, “including those who respectfully express their dissent concerning the United States’ current foreign policy.”

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