Iraq war/Civil War comparison is far-fetched |

Iraq war/Civil War comparison is far-fetched

Ed Billeaud

I don’t mean to be critical, but the letter Jan. 17 comparing the Iraq war with the U.S. Civil War, and attempting to equate Bush with Abraham Lincoln, points out more than anything that it is the ignorance and gullibility of the American citizenry which makes it so easy for our so-called leaders to keep pulling the wool over our eyes.

This poor gentleman, for example, has used a cursory smattering of historical references to arrive at delusional and contrary conclusions regarding our current situation in Iraq. It is mind boggling that, in attempting to link Bush’s war in Iraq with WWII, he would refer to “aggression by a stronger power” and “the aggressor was tossed out” without realizing that, in Iraq, it is precisely we who are the aggressor, the stronger foreign invading power, whom, as circumstances and polls verify, the locals want “tossed out.”

And there is not enough space here to go into the many reasons why his references to Vietnam and the Civil War are likewise half-baked. For now, suffice it to say that both of those wars were preventable, regrettable tragedies that caused massive needless death and suffering, and tore this country apart for generations afterward.

Hmm, maybe there is a comparison there after all.

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