Irvine: There is hypocrisy in the Colorado Legislature |

Irvine: There is hypocrisy in the Colorado Legislature

Debra Irvine

Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar recently argued that college campuses should ban concealed carry weapons. He “rationalizes” as a woman you may “feel like you’re going to be raped…when you may actually not be…and you pop, pop a round at somebody.” He also says a woman should use a call box or a whistle if she is in danger.

Ladies, if you own a business, our state Rep. Millie Hamner voted against your right to use deadly force to defend yourself against an intruder in your place of business (HB-1088).

Democrats are avid proponents of giving women equality in military combat positions.

So, I can defend my country but not my business or myself? Don’t insult my intelligence.

Will liberal Colorado legislators like Reps. Hamner and Salazar also have in their sites a repeal of Colorado’s Castle Doctrine?

As a woman I want to be empowered with my 2nd Amendment right, not a whistle.

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