Is anyone listening? |

Is anyone listening?

Julie Lawless HuylerFrisco

I understand hot issues have come and gone over the years, as will this Home Depot problem, but I cannot recall such poor actions, words and threats used by any one group to push their motive, that like some affiliates and leaders of the pro-Home Depot development.Particularly troublesome to me are the leaders of this pro-development crowd that have belittled themselves by using poor judgment to push their cause and place citizens in a predicament of, “Oh my God, the sky is falling on Frisco!” I have read repeated headlines about the fiascoes some of the pro-development people and leaders are getting caught up in, that I only wonder what desperate acts lay ahead in the next few days for them.Historically, whenever a hot issue did arise, such as golf on the peninsula, no matter who was sitting on the council, some digressed through the process, much like this Home Depot process that began almost two years ago, simply to push through an idea selected by a few and benefiting only a few.They never listened to the majority of citizens, and found out the prolonged and expensive way, again, much like this current process. The town council must remember that throughout the 1990’s, every community survey resulted in a high value of open space and affordable housing. That is what your townspeople said they wanted the council to focus on – open space and affordable housing. After 16 years of living in Frisco, I still have yet to hear the voices of my neighbors and friends say they demand more and better services and facilities. What I do hear most, from both citizens and visitors, is that they love the small feel of this quaint mountain town.

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