Is Bush kidding? |

Is Bush kidding?

Jan StansenDillon

As governor of Texas, in 1999 George W. Bush signed a law that, according to the Houston Chronicle, “allows doctors to remove patients from life support if the hospital’s ethics committee agrees, but it requires that the hospital give families 10 days to find another facility.” The ethics committee may suggest cutting off life support based upon a patient’s inability to pay for medical care, combined with a negative prognosis, rendering “further care futile.”At a speech Monday in Arizona, President Bush said, “Democrats and Republicans in Congress came together last night to give Terri Schiavo’s parents another opportunity to save their daughter’s life. This is a complex case with serious issues, but in extraordinary circumstances like this, it is wise to always err on the side of life.”Is he kidding?President Bush’s recent budget attempted to cut $14 billion (that’s BILLION) in Medicaid funding – funding that pays for the kind of care that someone like Terri Schiavo needs.President Bush has also been pushing for tort “reform” which would preclude malpractice claims like the one which has paid for Terri Schiavo’s care to date.The grandstanding, political strong-arming and hypocrisy demonstrated this past weekend by our president and national legislature, in an effort to curry favor and meet their own agendas, is contemptible.How about, our elected officials take care of providing affordable medical and drug coverage?How about, our elected officials come up with an alternative to President Bush’s irresponsible and foolhardy Social Security plan?How about, our elected officials do something to stop the flood of immigrants crossing the Mexican border?How about, our elected officials do something about the “No Child Left Behind” program, which President Bush repeatedly cut from his budget, twice before its efforts could even be judged?How about, our elected officials do something to prevent President Bush from further irreparably damaging our environment?How about these elected officials actually do something for us. For once.

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