Is Obama human too? |

Is Obama human too?

by Meredith Carroll

The (first) day President Obama took the oath of office, I finally felt a change in the tide. Not since the Lincoln Bedroom was underwritten by Motel 6 during the Clinton administration has the country had White House denizens with whom the average American family could enjoy some sort of real connection.

In fact, I feel so connected to the first family I wonder how much we actually might have in common. For instance, does President Obama embark on a daily scavenger hunt for his cell phone, wallet, keys, watch and eyeglasses like my husband? As often as I’ve encouraged my husband to put his paraphernalia on the foyer table immediately upon entering the house so we won’t have to call in the blood hounds every morning, he still manages to find a new and amazingly well-hidden place for each necessity each day. Does the president also act surprised each time he can’t find something? Each and every day? Every day of the year? Year after year after year?

Does the president start his day by throwing up couch cushions, peering under mattresses and rifling through dresser drawers that have never seen daylight, shouting to anyone within a three-county radius if they’ve seen his belt? And does the first lady grit her teeth and try not to explode when she happens upon the belt ” literally ” because her husband left it on the floor next to the couch?

Does President Obama leave his nearly full glass of water on the counter directly adjacent to the sink, seemingly deliberately avoiding the actual empty sink or, heaven forbid, the dishwasher? And then does he take another glass from the cabinet the next time he’s thirsty? And leave that glass on the kitchen table? Then a little while later go for another drink and place that half empty glass on the coffee table? If the president presumably knows that his wife prefers seltzer water to the flat variety, why does he ask her if each of the glasses filled with flat water are hers?

Thankfully for the president, there’s probably no longer a microscope on where he leaves his water glasses and how he prepares food now that he lives in a 55,000-square-foot mansion with a cast of dozens to find his junk and cook his family’s meals. While admittedly it’s something to which neither my husband nor I can relate, it is something to which neither of us will ever stop aspiring. Yes, we can.

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