Is this North Korea or Frisco? |

Is this North Korea or Frisco?

Scott C. MathewsBreckenridge

Re: 9/11 conspiracy not worth honking at (Daily Mail, April 5)In response to Jack Steiskal’s comments on the protesters, I thoroughly agree. What nerve these folks have for standing out in the cold, complaining about this war? Do they know where they are? What fools! Too think they have some right to disagree with you and all the other war-mongers is preposterous! They must think this is some kind of country that locks people away and tortures them with no due process. Sends young women and men to die in some godless country, thousands of miles away for no good reason except for the lies told to a passive, inebriated population. Sells arms to third world countries, exports a culture of violence and just plain tromps around this planet bulling any entity that disagrees! Man, you hit it right where it counts my friend. This “Peacenik group of Defeatists” should be locked up on some far-away island and beaten till they see the light of this “Imperialist Administration”. Let’s take care of these communists in the true American way.But I have to ask Jack, are you sure you were not sitting at a light in some eastern country like North Korea? Maybe you should be locked up for your disagreement of their signs. Wait. I am getting confused about where I am. … Kim Il Sung, is that you?

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