Israelis do their share in perpetuating violence in the Middle East |

Israelis do their share in perpetuating violence in the Middle East

The Summit Daily News Sept. 10 article “Two Suicide bombings rock Israel” asserts that Israel has targeted Hamas militants since the Aug. 19 suicide bombing that killed 22 people on a Jerusalem bus. This is completely inaccurate.

The suicide bombing in Jerusalem is despicable and should be condemned strongly. However, the renewed cycle of violence began with Sharon’s forces killing members of Hamas, fully aware that it would lead to retaliation bombings and the breaking of the cease fire.

After weeks of relative calm (meaning that no Israelis were killed, even though Palestinians continued to have their homes destroyed and their lands confiscated), Israeli forces assassinated two Hamas members along with killing two others.

A few days later, on Aug. 14, Israeli forces assassinated Muhammad Seeder, a Hamas military leader. Two days after the Aug. 19 Jerusalem suicide bombing, the Israeli army assassinated Abu-Shanub, a well known moderate political leader.

An Israeli military spokesman stated that Abu-Shanub was killed because he was “available,” meaning he was an easy target because he did not go underground, as did the military leaders.

Sharon got his wish. He successfully provoked an end to the cease fire, using innocent Israelis as sacrificial lambs. He can continue construction of the Wall deep into Palestinian territory and accelerate confiscation of lands to increase the number of Jewish settlers, thereby destroying any possibility of two states, with Bush cheering him on because he is “fighting terrorism.”

As a Jewish American I would like Israel to live in peace and security. I also believe that the Palestinians have a right to live in peace and security. The policies of Sharon’s government make these aims impossible.

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