It is all about the patients |

It is all about the patients

Jim Berg
Summit County

There was some degree of satisfaction at hearing the senior management of Centura apologize for the way in which they managed the acquisition of Bristlecone Health Services on Tuesday night. In more than 30 years of experience, most of which was spent in Home Health Care, and having participated on both sides of the table, more than 50 times, as the acquirer or the acquired, I have never seen an acquisition handled so poorly and unprofessionally.

The fact that only one volunteer exists in the new organization where 25 were actively engaged in the old Bristlecone gives testimony to that fact.

As a resident and long-time Bristlecone board member, I have frequently had to explain to neighbors and friends why the Bristlecone board felt that trying to remain viable in this community with Centura would be impossible with Centura in control of the home health care referral stream from their hospital.

But all of that is in the past and we cannot live in the past we must live in the here and now. In Bristlecone’s 25-year history, the patient has always come first. It has always been all about the patient’s needs.

Centura bought that legacy when they acquired the name Bristlecone. It was good to hear them give recognition to and pledge to continue that culture. I would encourage everyone interested in serving the needs of the home health care patients in our community to consider giving the new Bristlecone a chance to prove it.

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