It’s not about Christian versus non-Christian; it’s about people |

It’s not about Christian versus non-Christian; it’s about people

Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and eliminate all doubt. Unfortunately, some think otherwise.

It is not about Christian versus non-

Christian, Republican versus Democrat, Caucasian versus others, or gay versus straight. It is about people. So many comments I read and hear have to do with being the victim. Why is my group being mistreated? What is in it for me?

Why not think about what you contribute to society. As a Christian, I admire James Dobson and many like him. I do not agree with him on every point. I do appreciate the fact he stands behind what he believes and is willing to take the criticism for it.

His efforts are not for himself, but rather for his belief that it is for the good of society.

He is willing to risk his health and name for what he believes. He receives nothing in return except the satisfaction of trying to help others.

Again, he may not be right every time, but applaud his effort.

Our president is another example. Is he always right? In hindsight, no. With all our president is in charge of, mistakes will be made. I am proud he is the one making the decisions for me so I don’t have to face the critics. It is easy to sit back and criticize and hard to put yourself in his shoes.

Just think what the press and others would say about our own decisions and our own lives if they were scrutinized like those willing to serve the public – no thanks, too many skeletons in my closet. How about you?

When writing to the editor, talking on the street, or just mad at the world, ask yourself, what am I doing to help the world? What can I do to make the world better? Where can I volunteer? Whom do I help besides myself? Think long and hard before criticizing others. If we all move forward instead of sitting and complaining, then we would have something to say.

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