It’s the Republicans who are whining |

It’s the Republicans who are whining

With great dismay, I have read the grating complaints of citizens who feel Democrats have been too negative and disrespectful.These citizens have a discouraging lack of understanding of the right and responsibility of free speech and of the need not to revere our president as a king, but to question him as an elected leader who answers to us. Some comments about recent letters:Maggie Butler’s letter rose to the level of being unpatriotic with her talk about respecting authority no matter what. Critical speech is the front of the revolutionary politics out of which our country was founded. It is to be encouraged.Scott Giles who wrote about the Red Team and Blue Team should stick to sitting on his couch and watching sports. We have more at stake than butt patting and a goofy trophy when we vote for president.Giles actually defends “meat and meat byproducts” in his letter. He does this during a time when many men and women are dying in the Middle East, we are massively in debt, abortion rights are being threatened, we have lost a record amount of jobs. Ron Bristol’s argument was particularly weak especially as President Bush didn’t even have the popular vote in 2000. Also, not too long ago segregation was supported by the majority and it was also considered a common-sense policy. Theresa McCormick should remember that only 51 percent of voters voted for President Bush. The 48 percent who voted for John Kerry will continue to do the patriotic thing by questioning their president and actively participating in government. Perhaps, you should try building the bridges of cooperation you say you want by refraining from criticizing political involvement and by graciously accepting that 48 percent of the people can spend a week or two feeling just a little disappointed that we face four more years of war, debt and hate disguised as morality. So, it appears that Republicans have the corner on whining. Poor things – maybe they are feeling a little hung over from four years of righteous gluttony and they are realizing what real misery they have heaped on all of us.

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