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J.D. Shulec: Liddick’s narrow brand of politics

J.D. Shulec

Being an independent voter, I have voted in past years for both parties. Morgan Liddick, being a staunch Republican, obviously believes his party can do no wrong. He is quick to criticize everything President Obama says or does. The man is blind to all of the blunders and flaws of his party.

Liddick must toss and turn at night believing President Obama is such an awful president, while he, Liddick, has the answers to all of the country’s problems. His constant criticism of Obama and the Democrats is becoming so much stale prattle. Have we ever heard a comment from Liddick regarding Bush and Cheney rushing our country into the senseless Iraq war based not on facts but on erroneous assumptions. This country has lost almost 5,000 men and women killed and over 30,000 wounded and crippled in this war. The dollar cost has been a trillion dollars and counting. Money that could have been put to much better use in this country.

Also not a word of objection from Liddick when Bush and the Republicans ran the national debt to $10 trillion. As President Obama aptly commented, “the party that drove the car (economy) into the ditch, now wants the keys back, NO!”

When the Democrats won control of Congress in Nov., 2006, they tried to eliminate the government’s $26 billion subsidy to the oil industry. Even though the oil industry was generating record profits , Bush threatened to veto the Democratic initiative as he had enough Republican votes to prevent the Democrats from overriding his veto. The initiative failed.

Last year the oil industry spent over 500 million dollars in Washington for lobbying and campaign contributions. It’s not difficult to understand which party received the bulk of this largesse.

It has been publicized that the health care industry employs 3300 lobbyists in Washington. In a recent AARP publication, it was noted that the health care industry spent $166 million for lobbying and campaign contribution last year.

Here again, it’s easy to see why Liddick’s party was fighting tooth and nail to defeat health care reform. The CEO of Cigna Health received $30 million in compensation last year. The head of United Health also had a good year as he took home $13 million. Add the generous salaries of the heads of the other health care companies plus the millions paid to lesser officers and you have a picture of many people becoming super-rich while other Americans can’t even afford basic coverage.

This shameful system has been well-protected by Liddick’s party for too many years. So, Liddick, take off your blinders and stop writing with a closed mind if you want to be considered a serious journalist.

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