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J.D. Shulec: The tea party has to live with its past actions

J.D. ShulecBreckenridge and Tucson

Re. by Deane Harimoto, July 26

One shouldn’t doubt there are many patriotic, well-meaning people in the tea party movement. Unfortunately for them, the tea party has stigmatized itself by its past actions.Scenes on national television of the hateful, fringe element, grinning from ear to ear, carrying signs depicting President Obama wearing horns, a Hitler mustache with Nazi symbols and other signs too disgusting to mention, have made a lasting impression on the public that will not go away soon.To not like the president is one thing, but to show such hatred for the man and so little respect for the office of the presidency should be revolting to fair-minded Americans. Since the leaders and spokepersons of the tea party did not condemn this behavior, they, by their lack of action, condoned it.As an Independent voter, I don’t believe there is a place in our politics for such ugliness.A few years ago, when the federal government reached the debt limit, the tea partiers and their leaders were urging newly elected tea party members of Congress to vote against raising the debt limit thus forcing the government into default. What craziness! Can anyone imagine what this would do to this country on the world scene ? We would have to beg countries to lend us money on their terms of interest. The national debt would greatly accelerate, and we would be a target of ridicule in the world.The Tea Partiers show up at political rallies with signs such as, OBAMA’S SPENDING CAUSING 16 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT, RECKLESS SPENDING BY OBAMA, etc.Dr. Harimoto has apparently been taken in by this propaganda has he mentioned in his letter, “nor do we agree with his (referring to Pres. Obama) unrestrained and unsustainable spending.”In grade school studying “American Government,” we were taught Congress is the only branch of government that has the authority to approve spending bills. That has not changed. We don’t have a president who has dictatorial powers and sits in his office capriciously spending money. The tea party crowd would have you believe that he does.Yes, there are good people in the tea party, but the fringe “uglies” and the spineless leaders have made the movement lose much credibility.

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