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J. Lerner: Tired of high prices in Summit County

J. Lerner

All this talk about Lowe’s and Home Depot. Have you tried to buy things locally? I have, and I’m tired of having to drive to Avon, Eagle, Evergreen or Denver to save money. I don’t know why there’s even an argument about these businesses coming here. They not only bring jobs but also bring lower prices and more selection. The state of the economy has fallen on deaf ears here. Typically the law of supply and demand would have dictated that local stores lower their prices. But no, they think that because people are stuck having to purchase stuff up here that they have a monopoly. I try to shop locally but inevitably go online or other places to shop because I can’t justify spending what the local stores are charging.

So, until the stores here get an idea that people are very price sensitive now and lower their prices, bring on the competition. With wages, the law of supply and demand works here also. If the supply of labor is scarce the wages will be higher.