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Jaime Harmon: More than one way to get involved in Frisco

We have rights and the ability to get involved in the democratic process without holding a majority vote on every issue, and on some issues a majority vote will not only be a detriment to progress, but can all together halt much-needed community development.

Don Cacace said passing the “right-to-vote” ballot would make voters proactive on land issues rather than reactive. This is something I would love to believe. I vote. I always have. Unfortunately, the sad truth is most people don’t vote outside of election years. The people who do come out to vote on a special ballot tend to represent the extremes and not the majority. This by itself is a good reason to vote “no” on the right-to-vote ballot. Still, there are other reasons we need to trust in our town council to make decisions on land issues rather than turn to a majority vote.

First of all, we voted for our town council members in order to represent us on these issues. The council has the knowledge and resources that is needed to make an informed decision on land issues such as the Peak One parcel. They receive in-depth data and information from community surveys and public opinion; they work closely with the planning commission, town planning department and community development department in order to understand the best use of land that will benefit the town as a whole. Allowing our town council to make these decisions is not giving up our rights. Every citizen has the option to voice their opinion and make suggestions throughout the council decision process. The council does listen. The end decision may not be exactly what you wanted ,but that does not mean the system is broken.

The council members are not greedy dictators who want to use the land for their own benefit, they are community minded elected officials who make decisions on behalf of those of us who elected them. They are the most equipped to make decisions on land issues and they make those decisions based on the want and need the community has expressed, the information they have gathered and for the overall benefit to the town.

Vote NO on the “right-to-vote” ballot. It is not the way to handle land issues and if it passes it will ensure affordable housing, recreation and future community development ceases.

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