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Jan Bittner: Get going, GOP!

Jan Bittner

There Are 7217 Independent Voters in Summit County

I was very disgusted with my party (the Republican Party). I didn’t want to be associated with their hypocrisy, bigotry and greed, so I changed my affiliation to Independent to distance myself from them. Now I see that by doing so I helped give away the Republican Party to a small group of Americans that vacation in their mini-mansions and collect their huge bonuses, while the rest of their Republican Party sit at home, constantly being fed the same old party line of lies and distortion by American’s own “al Jazeera” news agency, Fox News. Are you an Independent for the same reason?

I know that it’s important to keep the budget balanced, but not at the expense of putting families on the streets. Fortunately Alzheimer’s hasn’t set in yet and I do remember the prior eight years of Republican leadership that has brought us to this point; the eight years of financial greed, the eight years of pre-emptive war led by the “your eye before my eye” crowd, and the eight years of private war contracts that enriched a lot of Republicans and their friends.

There are 7,217 registered Independents in Summit County, and there are 5,078 Democrats and 4,276 Republicans. Actually, today there are 7,216 registered Independents and 4,277 Republicans registered, because I just re-joined my pathetic party. Move over Tea Party bigots, religious hypocrites, and right-wingers. I’m back and my Republican Party will be hearing a lot from me. I am returning to my party to try to drag it back to the center. I hope that other Independents will join me. I could use help from a few sane people.

Are you an Independent? If so, please register with a party before May 6 (Breckenridge Court House, Clerk/Recorders Office) so that you will be eligible to vote in the primaries. The primaries are in August and you need to be registered three months before that time. Your congress members will be chosen from this group in November in the general election. Whether you are Republican or Democrat help your party elect good representatives. Don’t be voiceless. There are 7,216 of you. It’s a government by the people only if you participate.

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