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Jan Sanders: Unfair situation in Dillon

Jan Sanders
YCC owner and member of the board

Through shared information from the media and word of mouth, I suspect most of us have learned many of the facts and opinions related to the parking conflict between owners of Yacht Club Condominiums on Lake Dillon and the town of Dillon officials. Knowing what you already know, please consider the following questions, facts, and opinions as a citizen of the United States of America, a (full or part-time) citizen of Colorado, a citizen of Summit County, and especially if you are a citizen of the town of Dillon, including town officials.

– As a homeowner, what would you do if town officials met every one of your suggestions for correction with negative responses?

– What would you do if the town officials’ only suggestions for correction denied reasonable access to your home? Their only suggestions, that I am aware of since last year are:

A. Climb or descend a mountain to park more than one of your cars in an upper Dillon public lot.

B. Tear down a good portion of your home; pour a driveway and parking lot on your magnificent lawn to store your extra cars.

C. Buy and prepare a nearby residential lot and turn it into a parking lot.

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If you were personally facing this situation, where would you stand? Is this fair to all parties? Would you choose a win/win situation or a win/lose situation?

I know this is a tough place to be as a homeowner or town of Dillon official, but maybe it’s not ” “Golden Rule,” anybody?