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Janice Bittner: Whose polls?

Janice Bittner

I’m tired of continually hearing Republicans saying that it’s a fact that America is overwhelmingly against President Obama’s health care program. I suspect that there are a lot of people that haven’t been included in their polls. They haven’t called me, or anyone that I know, what about you? And what about the 30 million people currently without health insurance, or the new homeless population living beneath bridges or coupling up with friends and family, or any of the millions of people that don’t have landlines but just have cell phones, or any of the people whose phones have been disconnected because they can’t pay their bill, or any of the people that are working day and night so that they can pay for their health care and aren’t sitting at home by their phones, and aren’t attending Republican home meetings? These people are Americans too. I doubt that any of these people were included in the Republican polls.

Polls can be very misleading. For example what would you say if someone polled you with the following questions: 1) “Do you like President Obama’s Health Plan?” How about this one: 2) “Would you support President Obama’s Health Plan, if it meant it might affect the health plan you currently have, but would also mean that 30 million other currently uninsured people could have health coverage?” Hmmm … I wonder what the exact polling question was? If asked, how would you answer these questions?

Does the Republican Party, the party of the religious right, have a new bible? I can recognize hypocrisy and greed when it smacks me in the face. Can you?

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