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January babies born


– Emily Jane Sigler born Jan. 2 to Patricia and Chad Sigler of Summit Cove.

– Quinn Ryder Breigenzer was born Jan. 3 to JoAnn and Chad Breigenzer of Frisco.

– Hailey Sue Tolander was born Jan. 4 to Cusaundra Huntsman and Weston Tolander of Leadville.

– Ava Lynn Goode was born Jan. 5 to Abbi and Todd Goode of Frisco.

– Cassie Marie Alford born Jan. 6 to Derek and Sarah Alford of Frisco. – Sullivan Michael Tekampe was born Jan. 5 to Patrick and Michelle Tekampe of Dillon.

– Valery Estrada was born Jan. 9 to Agustin and Ofelia Estrada of Silverthorne.

– Luis Enrrique Ponce Arias was born Jan. 10 to Otoniel Ponce Rascon and Elizabeth Arias Chavez of Leadville.

– Jackalyn Corona was born Jan. 10 to Talo Corona and Monica Barrientos of Leadville.

– Lailah Shea Dixon was born Jan. 10 to Nicole Ponzar and John-Mark Dixon of Heeney.

– Alexandra Lily Garner was born Jan. 14 to Vince and Irina Garner of Breckenridge.

– Ava Mykal Koppels was born Jan. 15 to Tiffany and Sean Koppels of Blue River.

– Cassidy Lynn Lenahan was born Jan. 15 to David and Laura Lenahan of Alma.

– Sydney Faye Smith born Jan. 16 to Mike and Brandi Smith of Frisco.

– Bodhi William Scholl was born Jan. 17 to Pam and Sam Scholl of Fairplay.

– Jaren Jerome Peters born Jan. 17 to Jamie and Amy Peters of Leadville.

– Marc Anthony Leon was born Jan. 19 to Paola Santiago and Antonio Leon of Keystone.

– Shaylah Grace Nelson was born Jan. 19 to Samina and Kristopher Nelson of Silverthorne.

– Jennifer Anahi Gutierrez was born Jan. 20 to Evelyn Galicia and Moris Gutierrez of El Salvador/ Guatamala.

– Tessa Grace Hawks was born Jan. 20 to Todd and Katharine Hawks of Dillon.

– Kayla Rae DaSilva was born Jan. 20 to Craig and Kelley DaSilva of Breckenridge.

– Fletcher Garrison Burke was born Jan. 22 to Philip and Jennifer Burke of Silverthorne.

– Erin Light Reeve was born Jan. 23 to Larry and Leah Reeve of Dillon.

– Jessica Estela Garcia Miguel was born Jan. 24 to Estela Miguel Lopez and Bernardo Garcia Hernandez of Breckenridge.

– Ashlyn Bailey Malloy was born Jan. 25 to RJ and Anne Malloy of Silverthorne.

– Althea Lorena Gaddis was born Jan. 25 to Maggie and Aaron Gaddis of Silverthorne.

– Edgar David Chavez was born Jan. 26 to Edgar and Gaemme Chavez of Dillon.

– Simeon Ryan was born Jan. 26, 2006, to Bobby and Brianna Ryan of Frisco.

– Harper Lynn Hagburg was born Jan. 29 to Jennifer and Erik Hagburg of Breckenridge.

– William George Bentley was born Jan. 30 to Kim and Karl Bentley of Breckenridge.

– Reagan Dawn Liles was born Jan. 31 to Christian and Wendi Liles of Silverthorne.

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