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Jared Polis can’t be bought

It is well reported that Jared Polis, Democratic candidate for Congress, is spending a ton of money campaigning. Because of his wealth, it is his own money. Meanwhile his opponents must rely upon donations, including ones from those with power and influence. Jared Polis will owe no favors to large donors when he goes to Washington to represent us. You can tell a lot about a man both by how he gets his money and how he spends it.

It is important to know the source of his wealth. Few know that Jared never graduated high school. He was admitted to Princeton University at age 16. A budding entrepreneur while still in high school, he traveled to Russia where he learned to trade on the market there.

He has converted his ideas into Internet companies that he has since sold for big profit. Unlike many, he neither made his money on the backs of labor, nor stepped on others to get to the top. And when he sold, those who had worked along side him ” secretaries, programmers, engineers “hared in the profits.

– Values: Born into a middle class family, Jared was taught to respect others as individuals, admire hard work, exhibit compassion towards the less fortunate, and to give back to society for the opportunities given him. His new wealth has not changed the man. How refreshing.

– Educating youth: Few know that Jared founded, and funded, five schools for economically disadvantaged children that remain successful today. Public education is a passion. Giving disadvantaged youth a chance is his goal.

– Iraq: Jared Polis paid his way to Iraq. It confirmed his stance against the war. There he found a private army of mercenaries from many nationalities, answering to no authority, and paid more than our own military, but with our tax money. His outrage is public record. Judging from his parents’ record of Vietnam war protest, standing up for what’s right is in his genes.

– Conviction: A man of his word, you can be assured that Jared will work as promised for single-payer universal health care. You can expect Jared Polis will spend your tax money like he does his own, guided by his values. Because he funds his own campaign he has independence from special interest power brokers. That gives me confidence. It should you too.

– Many of you know me as a previous Summit County resident. If you want to more about Jared you can contact me at tparsons1000@aol.com or check out his website at http://www.polisforcongress.com.

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