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Jason Bruton: OK, let’s follow the money in global warming

I just finished Don Daigle’s argument against cap and trade legislation. Don had a few points that I would like to address.

Don first states we need to follow the money. By following the money we are to find that this is all made up so a few can profit billions. OK, let’s follow the money in turn to find who has been profiting off the degradation of the environment and who stands to keep that money coming if we do not pass legislation. Could it be the same that hire scientist to disprove global warming?

Don next tries to pull some scientific facts to claim that global warming may not be caused by man, then states “ocean and surface temps are down …” I wonder where Don got his facts? He does not cite his sources; and in a Jan. 21, 2010 article released by NOAA, this past December had the fifth warmest ocean temps recorded since 1880 when they started keeping track. In the same article they also state sea ice is 6.6 percent since 1979. What does NOAA have to gain from cap and trade legislation?

It is sad to see that we have even come to this debate. It is sad to see a phrase such as “global warming” in our vocabulary. All we have to do is look at countries like China to see how much corporations really care about the environment and as to why this legislation is needed.

Don’s arguments seem to be everyday talking points put out by or on behalf of those same companies that have no real clout in this debate, but thanks for trying.

Follow the money. There are many interests who stand, no wait, have been making billions and will continue to do so with definite little benefit to the environment if this bill does not pass.

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