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Jason Wayne: Liddick off base with column

Morgan Liddick’s latest column, “Government overreaching on medical issues,” is nothing more than attempt to stir emotion and an attempt of the “right” to draw dislike by the unknowing towards the Administration.

Liddick states that without “groundswell of public comment,” the plan to rescind part of a federal regulation will go through. The exact part in question is “Ensuring That Department of Health and Human Services Funds Do Not Support Coercive or Discriminatory Policies or Practices in Violation of Federal Law.” What he fails to state is that is what a groundswell of comment that enacted HHS to propose this. If one looks for themselves they will find it written the issues surrounding the rule and where comments are coming from.

He also goes on to mention as if this is some ploy to “expose” doctors and physicians who have moral obligations that would limit their practice. Or have them punished by law. That is not the intention here. I wonder if Morgan has thought about the reverse discrimination this could cause. The discrimination against patients. Or wonder about patients that would be completely cut off from care in places that are predominately Christian as in rural areas; because of the patients beliefs. Also, why shouldn’t an entity receiving federal money be obligated to the will of the people, it’s our money. It is like giving money to build a road, but allowing the builder to construct where they please. All this lifting will do is to possibly require that an institution to provide procedures if they get money from the gov. Seems a simple solution if you have moral grounds, don’t take the money. It is also interesting to find that this rule was proposed Dec 19, 2008 and went effective Jan 20, 2009. Could it be that Liddick is just upset that a Bush era law is being repealed?

It is in his third paragraph where we see Liddick stirring the emotions of the people to gain favor. This paragraph is absurd in its best. To compare the U.S. with Russia or Sudan on this matter is plain ridiculous. It has been the rule of the “left” to keep religion and state separate. Morgan must forget that it was a Republican president during a time the party was moving more “right” that added One Nation Under God. He must forget that it has been a conservative movement to not teach evolution or to have schools teach creation. He must forget it has been the conservative movement to push a Christian set of family values on America.

I think Liddick’s assumption that this is attempt of government to integrate moral philosophy is wrong; and to say the political left is leading the charge is way off base. This repeal clearly takes morality out of the picture. I feel this column has merit in only it was an attack on Obama or the political left and attempt to stir emotion. If you truly care on this subject look into it your self and let not the angry rants of the political right steer away from facts.

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