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Jason Wayne: Taxes and small-business relief

Jason Wayne
Frisco, CO Colorado

In Guy Pacot’s letter, “We Need Tax Relief” (Feb. 20), he clearly states who he and the GOP are trying to protect: big business and personal portfolios that gain from big business.

It seems the GOP wants to argue that the New Deal failed, because they only see who did not gain from it: the market, the corporations, and the CEOs that ran them. While the rest of America was busy building the America we have now, feeding once-starving families, renewing the fields after the Dust Bowl; the suits and ties of the country faltered under their own incompetence in business. All Guy Pacot and the GOP can do is quote so-called experts, who were not even close to living those times. They never quote the stories of the people from the Midwest and West who would have a whole different picture.

In the last paragraph of the letter, Guy says we need incentive for small business and corporate tax relief. Sorry, but where were you the last few years? The only sector of the economy that saw real growth ” and I say “real” because yes, there was growth ” from Bush’s tax cuts was corporate profit. It is also as if Guy Pacot thinks that small business makes more than $200,000. That may be because if you look at average numbers, yes small businesses do average around $250,000. That is because a small business is any company with less than 500 employees. When you look at sole proprietors, the average is down around $35,000. A quick check on the census of self-employed income is all you need to see. Then ask the larger small businesses if their employment is based on their taxation. You would find it is based on amount of business. Did you forget there is income tax relief that we will start seeing as early as April? ” relief that does help small business.

So, I ask Guy Pacot and the GOP, what are you really trying to protect? Main Street USA or Fifth Avenue Manhattan? Maybe a quick check to see who files for over $250,000 will provide a simple answer.

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