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Jay Weinstein: Put the brakes on off-road expansion

Jay Weinstein
Dillon, CO Colorado

The letter Rebecca Jeche wrote in the SDN on Jan. 31 is a template that has been circulating since Jan. 25 by Summit County Off-Road Rider’s president, Mr. Ginsburg. The president has been urging his members to write letters for support to the jurisdictions involved in the expansion of open trails. However, please keep in mind the public comment period expired Jan. 6, and any letters to jurisdictions need to be disregarded.

If this was such a major concern of the SCORR people, I would think they would have had a presence at the open meetings held by the jurisdictions of concern who have unanimously voted and adopted resolutions to eliminate motorized vehicle traffic on Oro Grande and Tenderfoot and terminate any future expansion of these trails based upon the affected citizens in Dillon, Corinthian Hills, Keystone, St. John’s, Summerwood and the Enclave.

Responsible off-road motorized vehicles is much appreciated, however SCORR only represents 20 percent of the projected users, leaving the remaining 80 percent uncontrolled and free to dismantle our very special forests and beauty of Summit County. If you would like to witness yourself the destruction the single track and ATV riders, go to the “terrain park” off of C-470 and just South of I-70. This kind of recreation turf is not wanted nor needed in our very special community.

With regards to the comment made about trails within a half mile, at present the Oro Grande Trail is within 200 feet or less from homes along that trail, which has single-track motorized use and ATVs. By the way, ATVs are not permitted on the Oro Grande, however, no one ” the Forest Service, the county or the SCORR reps ” have controlled this use. That is not responsible patrol and control as professed by the Forest Service and SCORR. The Forest Service is very thin in people power and SCORR does not have the volunteers to be sentinels on the trails, so who is going to protect the walkers, hikers, joggers, bicyclists, from the “actions of a few irresponsible individuals?” Let us not create the same problems we are facing in Yellowstone and in California, re: USA Today, Dec. 31, 2008 article.

We urge the new Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack to restore honesty and dignity to the Forest Service, to protect our natural resources and stop wasting taxpayer money on projects that are ill defined and defined as pork. This expansion project fits the definition of wasting taxpayers money and pork. Mr. Secretary, put the brakes on this expansion.

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